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About us

We Have 10+ Years Of Experiance In Forex, Stocks And Crypto Markets

We are a group of programmers and investors dedicated to the development of computer solutions and algorithms based on the automation and profitability of financial tools. Our services were born from the absence of efficient and productive tools in today's global market. In view of this need, we have developed software and indicators with the highest standards. They are capable of profiting and above all protecting our investment and that of our future partners and clients.


Focus efforts towards the development, maintenance and updating of an effective technological platform. All this in order to offer investment alternatives that are tailored to the requirements of our clients, offering permanent advice and professional monitoring, as well as security in our operations.


To be the leading company in the international market of stocks, bonds and currencies. To provide our clients with profitability, security and confidence, by providing automated analytical software, offering a range of products, services and maintenance with technological and professional innovation.


Offer an investment opportunity for the wide range of investors in order to access the foreign exchange, bonds and stocks market. All this with greater access, through a portfolio made up of various assets that reduce the risk of investors; and always providing our clients with innovation in our automated tools, to continue generating the best profitability at all times.

Why Choose Us

STKorFX is committed to helping its client reach their financial goal, by maximizing profit and minimizing losses as much as possible.


Platforms used

Because technology plays a big role in the success of our business. With the help of our analytical experts and technical department, we have carefully chosen the best qualified and certificated platforms that fit our business & needs.