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WeHackedYou protects your digital word to make your digital life healthy and secure.

Wehackedyou was launched in 2006 by three unknown hackers, to support the success of internet security to prevent companies & users from being hacked & asking WHY.

The first question was always WHY? to avoid answering led us to launch WHY (We Hacked You). We prevent it to happen before it's late!

Albert Einstein Said: The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing ANYTHING.

WHY Said: The Internet Technology will not be destroyed by evil Hackers, but by ethical ones who watch them without doing ANYTHING.

Help: We are not perfect. We hack all the time but we guess our job is to keep those hacking skills to ourselves, which we are already excelent doing it by helping others.

Protection: We can protect you from being hacked and ask WHY, but remember never from your own errors.

Trust: Trusting you is our must. Proving us right is your choice.

Satisfaction: Greatest challenge is to have you replying upon us; greatest satisfaction is to vindicate your expectation.

The Best Way To Prove To People They Are Not Immune Is To Give Them Exactly What They Want!


Our Skills

Continuously monitors your website's security status and reports back with issues. The idea is to help developers deploy safer code and make companies work preventive with security, rather than reactive. WHY monitors your security so that you can focus on web development and building awesome products. WHY is scalable, simple to use even for non-security professionals and easy to integrate. There`s no drawn-out implementation process, no sales engineers, no proof-of-concept phase. You can set it up yourself in just a few minutes. It is designed to be easy to use even for those with little or no previous knowledge of web security.


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Our Services

We perform automatic penetration tests against web applications, based on the Top 10 vulnerability scanner, seemingly magic fingerprinting of content management systems, and the very latest trends in vulnerability research.

We cover OWASP Top 10 . That means we find a wide variety of flaws, including SQL, LDAP, XPATH and NoSQL injections, Cross Site Scripting flaws, broken session management, remote code and command execution, malware, etc.

Encrypted Data

Your password is encrypted using the key derivation algorithm bcrypt. This means that any potential leak of user data from our servers will remain encrypted. This is to ensure that your data will never be put at risk..

Network Security

All our endpoints are encrypted using the TLS protocol suite (the successor of SSL). Even internal communication between subsystems empowers encrypted communication. We do so just to really tighten up the transport security and prevent you from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Protected reports

The reports are stored on dedicated database servers out of reach from the web servers. The reports are protected from SQL injections by the means of data segregation and prepared statements. If an attacker against all odds were to pull off a SQL injection attack, the only report data he would get would be his own.

The Infrastructure

We do all this from the Amazon AWS cloud. What that means is that we scale up our capacity the more users there are, without having our scanner compromise on the effort put in on your penetration tests...

24/7 Support

Need service or support? We are aiming to deliver high quality service to all our customers. Please send us an email and we will do our best to identify and fix the root cause as soon as possible. Contact us on info@wehackedyou.com.

Retina ready

A Retina display device, displaying a website that serves Retina ready graphics (higher resolution) will display sharper images and brighter, more vivid colours.

Let us protect your online business and life

How we do our magic WHY security checks your website through automation We check it for over 500 vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10 We provide descriptive reports with the identified security issues Our educational user interface allows you to see progress over time We continuously update our service so that it can detect the latest vulnerabilities.









Team Members

The founders of WHY are friends from school who shared a mutual curiosity of trying to understand how the internet was built. Years of programming led to a passion for web security and finding a way to integrate security into developers everyday workflow in an easy way. Today, the WHY service is used by businesses worldwide and checks websites for Thousands of vulnerabilities..

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Guess Who

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Go hack yourself ... or someone else will!.


Choose the package that fits your business and needs




1 target

Scan for vulnerabilities from the attackers perspective.

Test firewalls for open ports and mis-configurations.

24/7 Support


£ 49.99


Customized tests / 2 targets

Export all vunerabilities as a summary as or a full report

Test on demand or scheduled as you wish

24/7 Support


£ 69.99


Unlimited tests / Unlimited targets

Huge database of vulnerabiliies, Private exploits

test different areas of the security assessment cycle; including information gathering, application discovery, network mapping and vulnerability discovery.

24/7 Support


WHY is a SaaS based website security scanner that will help you stay safe. We audit your site`s security so you can focus on web development.

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